Weekend Jam Session

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Jam sessions are about sharing music with fellow musicians with whom you may or may not often have a chance to play with. One might say its main purpose is more about social interaction than musical interaction.

You can meet new people, see old friends, hear new music, play great music and gain plenty of valuable experience. It is a great thing to do for an evening, if you want a break from your usual routine of chilling out at home, or watching a sports game on the television.

In order to become better jazz musicians (or musicians in general) we need to be playing with each other, sharing, and bouncing ideas off of each other. As well as being a jazz lovers can discover what talent we have in the Inland Empire.

This is the essence of jazz music. … Public jam sessions are simply musical get-togethers where musicians from the region can come together to play jazz music.

The Inland Empire Jazz & Wine Experience what to open the door for this opportunity to happen at this years Experience. Join in and be a part of the Jam.

Check out throughout the weekend in our indoor stage our Jam Sessions.

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