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Vendor Booths Information

Labor Day Weekend the Inland Empire turns up as we proudly present the I.E. Jazz Experience located at Arrowhead Country Club, North San Bernardino Ca. This fun-filled event will feature live music performances by guest artists, entertainment and activities. The purpose of this event is to energize Inland Empire and jazz communities with a weekend of fun oriented experience, preserve music and arts and support jazz entertainment. The final deadline for submission of vendor applications must be received by the event coordinators no later than 5:00 p.m. on August 28th 2023. After receipt of your signed application, booth rental fee and the required information requested in the packet, you will be notified whether it has been accepted. Spaces are limited and available on a first-come first-served basis. Early submissions are encouraged.

BOOTH SPACE: Vendors will be assigned a booth space by I.E. Jazz Festival. Due to increased fire and safety regulations, vendors are required to stay within their outlined footprint as designated by the Vendor & Grounds team.

If vendors refuse to abide by guidelines set by the Vendors & Grounds team, they will be fined $200 for each violation of space and will not be invited to return to the event.

VENDOR REVIEW: To provide the best variety for our Festival patrons, the Festival reviews all vendors on an annual basis. The Festival reserves the right to determine which vendors will return annually. Therefore, please be aware that a booth at this year’s Festival does not automatically ensure a space next year. The Festival reserves the right to move a vendor to any location at any time in the best interest of the Festival and its patrons.

INSURANCE: All vendors are required to have insurance coverage to participate in the Inland. Empire Jazz Festival on the Arrowhead Country Club. For 2023 -
PRODUCTS TO BE SOLD: Only those items listed on your accepted application may be sold. Changes or substitutions without the explicit approval of Festival could result in removal from the Festival grounds. Vendors are restricted to selling only lawful goods and services from your booth. I.E. Jazz Festival reserves the sole and exclusive right to establish relationships with branded partners (“sponsors”). No vendor may sell or distribute any product which competes with the products or services of any official I.E. Jazz Festival partner.

Violations of space usage include:
Setting up in the walkway in front of or to the side of your booth.
Expanding your merchandise outside of the 10x10 permanent booth space – keep it within your booth area.
Setting up in front of or in other ways that block your neighbor booth from fair visibility.
Setting up a sitting area or back of house area outside of footprint and in view of guests
Plugging into power that has not been approved and paid for
Booth spaces cannot be sublet or shared.

We want to provide the best possible experience for everyone at the Festival – patrons, artists, vendors, staff, and volunteers. Please consider everyone if you feel ill. If you feel ill, please wear a mask. Please clean and sanitize high touch areas. We will be following current state and local health and safety protocols for COVID Safety, which could change as we go forward.

Vendor Ticket Seller Program
We have developed the Vendor Ticket Seller Program so that you as a vendor can make your vendor fee, by promoting the I.E. Jazz Experience through your social media, website and you will receive $5 per ticket you sell. Features & Benefits: As a vendor for the I.E. Jazz Experience, you receive the following: + Vendor space in our marketplace. + 2 vendor passes. Bonuses from business sponsors + An interview on our media sponsor BAC Internet Radio and TV Network + Your business will be added on our BAC TV Business Directory. For more information regarding vendors, please contact us at

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***PLEASE NOTE This event is a night time event and our vendor spaces include power electrical. (Please bring your own extension cords.