Be A Part of The Christmas Xperience

Generate Some Great Income!

Join us For The 2nd Annual Christmas Xperience.
The Christmas Xperience is offering an easy way to raise money for you personally, your non-profit, or business. For your partnership in our event, we will give you $3 per ticket that your supporters' purchase through you.
Below are a couple options for you to generate funds. Look below at the option and welcome aboard.

Thank you in-advance for being a part and God bless.

Online Ticket Sales Program

We have an affiliate program through Eventbrite that all you have to do is join in and promote on your website and social media and you receive $3 per ticket you sell.
Click below to start selling tickets online

Personal Ticket Sales Program

We issue tickets to you for you sell. Your commission is $3 per ticket that you sell.
If you would like to do both just let us know and we will make it happen. There is an option for you to do both.
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